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the nineties are over. it's time to


and move on

The thing is

online advertising sucks. everyone knows it. we modify our online habits to avoid it and internet companies lose money that should be spent on innovation. if we want to keep progressing, it's time for some change.

in 1994

a guy named joe created the world's first banner ad. it was a huge success and people shared it because it had never been done before. unfortunately, it latched on.

in 2013

we use ad-blockers to avoid them. today, most banner clicks are caused by



partly because we use smartphones to go online, but mostly it’s because we have relied on ancient practices for too long.

ok, so say you're logging into

your favorite social network

millions of people do this every day, and all of them forget their passwords from time to time.

eventually you'll have to

reset your password

When you do, a great opportunity arises. Solving puzzles on a regular basis can help delay a potential onset of Alzheimer's disease, so why not promote a alzheimer's awareness for people with bad memory?

solve the puzzle on the right to retrieve your password and delay
the onset of alzheimer’s.

maybe you're more into

subliminal advertising

go right ahead, nothing is stopping you. the rules of televised advertising don’t apply online.

colors and shapes go a
long way, but subliminal interaction goes further.

click me!

but what about the

you know, social media and stuff?

oh, you mean


a tweet is worth $1,25. a big mac costs about ¢50 to produce. compensate for your cheap media buy or change strategy.

instead, try to capitalize on the user’s sharing momentum

blindly slinging useless internet lingo makes you look old. #banthebanner

greenpeace needs your help! petition: #savetheworld

no one wants to tweet a nonsene campaign slogan.

Get real!

#hashtags are nothing more than glorified slogans. they are desperate attempts to get consumers engaged.

and remember


is power

unfortunately, personal user information is also traded like power. sure, knowledge is needed for accurate targeting, but it can be gained without sacrificing privacy!

for instance, without asking, I know that it's in right now. if I wanted to promote spotify’s diverse music style, I could give you a free playlist with songs that match the weather.

and what if it rains today? well I happen know that there’s a pharmacy not far away where you could buy an umbrella! and i got all this information without digging through your email.

The internet

is riddled with unexplored opportunities. we just need to learn how to see them. a first step towards change is to ban the banner, a second one is sharing this website.

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